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What's Coming Soon?

Full report module.

Updates and Improvements

Official Supervision

On the first page ("Global Info") can we please have a field with radio buttons - 3 options: Referee, Linesperson, 2-Official System.

On the third page ("Select the levels") we removed the mandatory aspect from the scoring, so that supervisors can skip this section and come back to it later.

Management of Critical Waivers

Each organization can now define one or multiple waivers as critical. To set a waiver as critical, go to the catalog/Legal and Forms/Waivers - open the waiver. In the waiver management section, select 'Critical'.


A critical waiver needs to be signed in order for the player to be added to a roster.


Member Profile Changes

Birth country will now default to Canada when a profile is created. This is true when creating a profile manually within HCR view or when creating it during an online registration.

As you pick Indigenous status, either from HCR or My Account, the ethnicity will be set to indigenous automatically.

As a registrar you can now edit the profile and save even if you don’t have all the values for the mandatory fields.

Waiver Tab on the Member Profile

The waiver tab in the member profile has been redesigned in order to make it standard no matter what is the registration method used by the organization.

We now display all waivers and show the status - signed, declined or not signed.

We have also added filters so users can filter per season or per critical waivers.


Coach Qualification Expiry Date

On the qualification detail, the field "expiration date" is change to "renewal/expiry date" for every single qualification.


Organization and Settings Merged Together

We have moved some selections that were formally in the Setting menu to the Organization menu. Regional settings and Document management will not be managed inside Organization menu.


What's Coming Soon?

New Report Engine

Next week we will be releasing a fully functional report module with a brand new dashboard. The engine will allow you to customize the reports and save a version for your own needs.

Deficiencies Tracking in My Account

We will be releasing next week a new set of notifications in My Account to enable parent self service to update the profile. This will enable parent to complete player profiles including missing demographic fields, missing documents and missing waivers. This will include notification and emails when something is missing in the account.

Coach Qualification

We will be updating the data on coach qualification and cleaning up the data.