In order to view your qualifications, you have to link your profile to “My Account”. We can do this by being on the dashboard page on the left (as indicated by the green arrow) and then clicking on the “link a member” (as indicated by the red arrow) at the bottom of the page.

We can also link participants from the members page (as indicated by the green arrow on the left) and clicking on the figure with the + (as indicated by the red square).


We can search for our participant two ways:

  • first name/last name/date of birth

  • HCR number








Now that we have found the participant, we can link a the participant as indicated by the red arrow.










Once you have linked the participant, we need to select a relation from the drop down menu. There are a number of options that will appear in the list.






Now that we have linked our participant’s, we can view our qualifications. In order to view our qualifications, we must be in members (as indicated by the green arrow on the left) and then clicking on the qualifications tab (as indicated by the red arrow).

The qualifications appear: