What's new in HCR 3.0?

New Features

Allowing registrar to enter a manual transaction without completing the required fields

We have changed the management of the required fields to allow registrar to complete a transaction even if there is missing mandatory fields in the profile. The manual registration process will stay the same, but we have added the icons that show you the missing information.

This way, the registrar can see what is missing, yet allowing you to complete a manual registration without entering incorrect data.


Parent self service process

As we are standardizing the registration process, we have launched the parent self service process into my account. The goal is to allow parents to be able to link a profile to their account and complete all the mandatory information no matter if the MHA is doing registration inside HCR , manually or with a 3rd party.

As you connect to your My Account or link a new member to the My Account, the system will auto detect the deficiencies and show you a popup of what needs to be completed. The deficiencies managed by the parent self-serve portal are:

  • Missing required fields

  • Missing waivers

  • Missing documents.

There is 2 visual aspect of it: a popup at logon and an exclamation mark on the member screen, and inside the profile, you will see a badge for missing information that you can click to complete the data.



My account list of waivers

We are now granting access to My Account owner the full list of waivers for a member. This will allow a parent to have view of all the waivers and their status.


Showing information of the registration on the register site

In the past few weeks, we have updated the Register to Hockey site - https://register.hockeycanada.ca/register. You now have control of the status of the registration that appear on the website. It’s really important for the MHA to go fill the address information of the MHA and the registration information. This is now all in the organization menu, in the General Tab.


Updates and Improvements

Updating First name, Last Name and DOB

We have changed the workflow and now when you change either the first name, last name or DOB, the profile will change to a UNCONFIRMED status with a note indicating First name, last name or Date of birth was updated.

Qualification status

We have updated all the status for the coach qualifications. The translation was also done for all the coach qualification in French. We are still working on the expiry date and full synchronization of the values with the Locker.

Qualification were also sorted alphabetically in all the list to make the navigation easier.

What's Coming Soon?

Full report module.