My Account - Members



Member Profile:

Login Account vs HCR Profile

When entering the Members section of My Account, you will see at the top circles with initials or pictures. Each circle represents a profile that is linked to your account, as well as one for your log in account.

You can add a member by clicking the circle with the ‘person +’ and follow the instruction from Linking a Member.

The profile showing a gold crown is your login account. To view information related to your Hockey Canada profile, select the circle that lists your Hockey ID#.

NOTE: If you have linked your Hockey Canada profile to your My Account, your name will appear in 2 circles.



To Add a picture to your profile, click the ‘Camera’, ‘Add image’, and ‘Save’.


Change Address:

To update an address from the My Account / Members menu, click on the member’s circle so their information is displayed. Click on ‘Submit an address change’. The message Address Change Request will added, and the profile status will change to Unconfirmed the next time you login to your My Account.


Note: To update an address to more than one profile linked to your My Account at once, you can make the change from the Settings menu.


Adding contact and emergency contact from My Account

We will now allow a “My Account” user to add one or multiple contact on a member profile from “My Account”. This works as other features in the system where we are not exposing all the information of a member in “My Account” but only the information created by the “My Account” user. So until the “My Account” user add a contact, then he will have access to view and add the contact.

Here is the process.


Note: Right now this process is not linked to the registration process. Similar to the submit an address change request, you can submit a contact at any time.


Linked to this Member:

By clicking on the Accounts linked to this member, you can view who has added this HCR member to their My Account.


To change the primary email address in a member's (your child's) HCR profile, you must contact your MHA so that the registrar can make the desired changes.


When a player that is linked to your My Account is accepted from the waitlist, you will receive an email to let you know. You will then need to log onto your My Account to confirm your spot and complete the registration, or to cancel you waitlist place.

Once you log into your My Account, a pop-up window will appear for the waitlist. To confirm your spot, click ‘Pay Now’, this will redirect you back to the online registration where you can sign the waivers and choose your method of payment. To cancel your spot, click ‘cancel’ enter the reason you wish to cancel and click ‘confirm’.


Red Exclamation Mark:

From time to time you may find red exclamation marks on the circle with the profile’s initials. This will let you know that there are missing requirements that needs to be updated - Required fields are missing, Mandatory or critical waivers needs to be signed, and/or missing documents.

Required fields are missing:

There are fields that are now mandatory to be updated on a members profile - Indigenous, Ethnicity, and Birth Country. If these are missing from a members profile, a required fields are missing flag will show on the profile page. You can click on the flag to open it, and you can update the missing fields.


Tabs available on a members page


Note: Only members that have official qualifications on their profile will see the Officials Tab.


Upcoming payments and course dates can be viewed for the selected participant. If the course is offered online, a link will available by going to the date the course starts on. You can view the schedule by day, week, month or full schedule.



Documents may be required to approve your profile - please ask your association for a full list of what is required in your area.

If a document is needed, you may see a Missing Document Flag, you can click on it and it will let you know what is missing or needs updated.

Required documentation can be added, click the ‘Add’ button, select the Document type, then click ‘Save’. Only one document can be added at a time, but type of document can be used as many times as needed.

If a document has been added by mistake, or is no longer valid, please contact your local hockey association and your registrar will be able to remove them.

Here is how we protect the documents

  1. All documents are stored in a file system in AWS (Amazon Web Service) that is completely secure. All uploaded files belong to the account that uploaded them. Spordle employees do not have access to these files.

  2. Files can only be viewed when you are logged into HCR, the URL link for each file is not publicly available.

  3. Only the parent who uploaded the file will have access to the file and the registrar who has read permission on the file.


A history of the participant’s registration can be viewed here.



All qualifications and the status will be showed for the participant. When registering for a course, be sure to use your correct HCR#, so the qualification can be added to your profile.


If a waiver is needs to be signed, you may see a Mandatory waiver needs to be signed Flag, you can click on it and it will open the waiver that needs to be signed.

Note: Critical waivers must be signed in order to be added to a team

A history of the member’s waivers will be displayed., showing the season, reference #, waivers and whether it has been signed or not. If a waivers has not been signed, click on it - the side panel will open and you can click on the blue pencil to sign the waiver.


Background check

Background checks and the status can be viewed here.


For the full documentation on officials, click here.

My Reports: Here you will be able to view any report that has been submitted for you. From the display, you will be able to sort and view basic information for the report - Season, Date, Officiating Coach, Team Category, Home and Away Team. 

To view report detail, click on the line item and the side panel will open. 

  • From the side panel: 

    • At the top: you will see who was the Officiating Coach that submitted the report. 

    • Info tab: you will see information for which game the report was for

    • Type tab: you will see the report type and results

    • Notes tab: you can view comments from the Officiating Coach


My Supervision Forms: To submit a new report, click on the +Add button. 

  • To find an official you are submitting the report on, you can search by First/Last name or by HCR#. Note: if you know the DOB, it will narrow the search results.

  • Select the official from the search results Note: if the search finds someone with the same name but does not have the official qualifications, you will not be able to select that member

  • Enter the game information that the report is for

  • Private Comment is optional - only supervisor and administrator will be able to view it

  • Click Next

  • Select the type of supervision and choose an answer for each question

  • Click Next

  • You can add comments (optional) 

To view or modify a report, click on the line item and the side panel will open. 

  • From the side panel:  

    • At the top: you can use the Action button to delete or view all supervision reports 

    • Info tab: you will be able to edit the date only

    • Type and Notes tab: you can edit each field using the blue pencil


Travel permits

If your organization allows you to submit your travel permits, you will be able to submit a request in "My Account" under the "Member" menu and select your profile. A "Travel Permits" tab will be available in the coach's account.

To submit a request, click on "+Add".

Complete the required fields:

  • Teams for which the permit is requested

  • Title (tournament name)

  • Type of event (Home, Away, n/a)

  • Type of travel (multiple choices are available)

  • Host website (optional)

  • Host team name (optional)

  • Number of games (optional)

  • Host Division (optional)

  • Host class (optional)

  • Host category (optional)

  • Host Country

  • Province

  • Host City (optional)

  • Host Organization (optional)

  • Host Arena

Once completed click on ‘Next’

Then you must enter the start and end dates of the tournament. You have the possibility to add a note or a document.

Click on ‘Add’.


Next, you have 2 options:

  • Submit the permit (will be available for approbation)

  • Submit later (you can make changes and submit the permit later)

Click ‘Confirm’.

Once the travel permit application is submitted, it must be approved by your branch.


Note: In order to access the "Travel Permit" tab in "My Account", the coach must have been added to the roster team.