My Account - Payment


If your MHA has credit card payment options, they will have selected a Merchant Account Provider.
They will have selected either:

  • Sportspay: credit card information must be reentered for each new transaction.

  • Paysafe: your credit card information can be stored in the ‘Vault’ and can be used for future transactions. (note: information can be removed or edited at anytime)

There will be tree tabs; All, Pending, Completed.

For pending transactions:

  • When the payment comes due, a ‘Pay Now’ box will appear on the side of the screen.

  • For transactions with no due date, you can click on it and pay.

Transaction Info: it will give you the invoice number, payment mode, next payment, total invoice and description.

Note : In Sports Pay there is always a pre authorization (PREA) done when the customer enter the card. After, there is a charge (PRCO) when the card is approved. Usually as you can see on the screen shot the charge is 10 - 15 second later.

 A pending authorization will typically show on the bank website for 5-7 days. If it is not settled, it will disappear.

Payment: will show you the balance of the next payment.

Card: will show you the card you will be paying with or click on Add card.