My Account - Dashboard



The Dashboard menu displays three pieces of information: Register Now, Action Required, and Organizations, depending on the roles and permissions you have been granted.

Register Now

This section lets you quickly access the online registration environment to register for your favorite sport and find your news, schedules, stats, and standings.


To Do

If any actions are required in the member profiles linked to your account, a box will display a message notifying you that there are required tasks to complete. You can click the Complete button to view the tasks.

By clicking on the button Complete, you'll be transferred to the menu To Do. Please refer to the documentation To Do for more information on this menu.



In your My Account, the Events box will display all sports profiles' subsequent three upcoming events.

The Events box has also been added to the member profile under the General tab.

A blue View Full Calendar link will give you access to all the activities displayed in your profile.

Note: if your activity calendar has not yet been posted, or if you would like to know the start date, please contact your local organization.


Administrator Access

Access to the Spordle ID platform is granted according to the different roles and permissions determined by the national or provincial organization.

If you are an HCR user, the organizations you have access to will be displayed in the left-hand Spordle ID column. The name of the organization and your role within it will be shown in each box. Each role will have a different box if you have multiple roles in the HCR platform.

The right-hand column, Spordle Pages, gives you access to your online registration page. A parent can only access this column and the organizations where his child is registered.

Note: You do not need to log out if the roles use the same email address. You can switch roles at any time.