My Account - Purchases

A history of all your transactions will be displayed in the Purchase tab. You can click on the invoice number in blue to view or print it for transactions with invoices.

To export a list of all your transactions, click on Export at the top right. You can export the list of all your transactions only in CSV format.




Clicking on the transaction line will open a side panel on the right containing the following information about your registration:

  • Transaction Summary

  • Questionnaires

  • Waivers

  • View Invoice



Transaction Summary

You can click on the blue printer next to a partially or fully paid transaction to print a copy of the receipt.


Click on the questionnaire tab to view or update the questions attached to this invoice. Click on the blue pencil to change/answer the question, and click on the checkmark to save.


If waivers have not been signed for a member who is in My Account, click on Sign and the waivers will appear.

The red exclamation mark indicates that there are waivers to be signed. Click on the line, and the side panel will open.

The green checkmark shows that the waiver has been signed. The red x lets you know that it is waiting to be signed.

Click on each waiver to open it, and you can click to sign the waiver, then click save.


View and print invoice (tax receipt)

To print your invoice for your physical activity tax receipt, click View Invoice in the transaction side panel at the top right or on the blue invoice number link to open the invoice.


Membership fees for provincial, regional, and local organizations will be displayed on your invoice.

Depending on your organization, you may be required to pay a platform fee, which will also be displayed on your invoice.

To print the invoice, click on Print in the top right-hand corner of the invoice.

Note: If you wish to change the name of the parent or the address on the invoice, you must contact your organization to make the requested changes.