Registration for a clinics



Register for a clinic

Go to the registration link provided by your organization or go to Hockey Canada - Clinic Registration.

Select your course, you can search by selecting the various search fields on your left. You can also select your province and organization at the top.


Once you have found your clinic, click on it and then click on register.


Step 1 - Participant Selection

The system will ask you if you want to register an existing participant or register a new participant.



Register an existing participant

If you select, Register an Existing Participant, you can select a member linked to your account or search for them in HCR. To search for a participant, you must enter their HCR number, first name, last name, and date of birth.


Click on Start Registration after selecting your participant


Register a new participant

If you select, Register a new participant, the system will ask you to enter your first name, last name, and date of birth to verify that it does not exist in the HCR database. Then click +Add.

If it does not exist, fill in the information requested. The red asterisks must be completed. Click on Create at the bottom of the page.


Step 2 - Complete the questionnaire (if applicable)

Your organization may have selected a questionnaire for clinic participants, if not, skip to the next step.


Step 3 - Accept waivers

Your organization, branch or Hockey Canada may have selected waivers for participants to sign, if not, skip to the next step.


Step 4 - Registration Summary

The summary of your registration and the amount to pay will be displayed, click on Next.


Step 5 - Payment Terms and Conditions

You must read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking on I have read and accept the terms and conditions.

Then click on Next.


Step 6 - Select Payment Method

Select the desired payment method:


If you’re paying by credit card, you will be taken to a page to fill out your credit card information.

If you pay with a manual form of payment, you will be taken to the next step.


Step 7 - Confirmation Email

You will receive a copy of the clinic information, and a copy of the invoice and the information will be available in the purchases section of your account dashboard. If you did not create My Account Spordle at the time of registration, the transaction would not appear in the purchases section. This link will be established as soon as an account is linked to this participant.

If you have not created and linked your account, here are the steps to follow:

Create My Account

Link a member to My Account



Clinic information

Invoice of transaction

View purchases in My Account dashboard


Step 8 - Access an online course (if applicable)

If your clinic includes an online course, you must go to My Account and click on the Member menu on the right. In the Calendar tab of the Member menu, the training link will be available according to the date of the course. Simply click on the link or the name of the course to access it.

You can also access your online training link from the Calendar menu on the left.


Register a new participant:

Register an existing participant:

Register multiple participants (family)


The online registration process for a clinic is now complete.