My Account - Payment


If your local organization has credit card payment options, they will have selected a merchant account provider.

Paysafe: Your credit card information can be stored in the vault and can be used for future transactions. (note: information can be deleted or changed at any time)

Note: American Express payments are not accepted by Paysafe.

Payment Tabs

There are three tabs in the payment menu:

  • All

  • Pending

  • Completed

  • Completed payments are identified with a green check mark on the right and are displayed in green on the left

  • Pending payments have a clock on the right and are listed in black on the left.


Pending Transactions

  • When the payment is due, a Pay Now box will appear on the side of the screen

Note: if you would like to make a payment before or after the due date, please contact your local organization so that they can change the payment date of your installment.

  • If no due date has been set for your payments, you can select the payment and click Pay Now.


Transaction Information

By clicking on a transaction, the following information will be displayed:

  • The status of the transaction

  • The invoice number (blue link)

  • Purchase description (registration package)

  • The payment method

  • The amount paid


Pay a Transaction

Clicking Pay Now will bring up a window with your credit card information. If you have more than one credit card on your account, you can select the card you wish to pay the transaction with. You can also add a card by clicking on Add Card.


Note: A refund can not be made to a different card. If you credit card has expired, and a refund is required, a different method of payment will need to be used.