My Account - To Do

The To Do menu will display the actions required in the member profile linked to your account. A red bubble in the left menu will indicate the number of actions to do.

Items flagged in the To Do menu can be the following:

  • Waiting list approval

  • Registration ready to pay

  • Unanswered questionnaires

  • Missing required information

  • Unsigned waivers

  • Missing documents

  • Proof of residence

  • Proof of birth

  • Missing profile picture (for organizations that use this option)

Click on the section to expand it and complete the task.

Waiting List Approval

When you are accepted off a waitlist - a Waiting List Approval will be added to the To Do menu. Click on Continue to complete your child's registration.

If you no longer wish to register your child, click Cancel and indicate the reason for cancellation.

 Registration Ready to Pay

When a payment needs to be made on a registration, a message will appear, and you will only have to click on Pay Now.

You will then be directed to the Payment menu, and the payment page will appear. Simply click Pay at the bottom of the page or + Add Card if your credit card is not on file or if you wish to change the card on file.


Unanswered Questionnaires

If any questionnaires were not completed during registration, click on Complete.

Answer the questions that your organization has defined and click Submit.

Note: Questions with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

 Missing Required Information

Missing required information may be waivers that have not been signed or missing documents that need to be uploaded to confirm the member's profile.

Click on the Missing Required Information line to view the information that needs to be completed in the member's profile.

Mandatory Waivers to Sign

If waivers have not been signed for a member who is in My Account, click on Sign and the waivers will appear. Simply respond to each waiver and click Save.

If you have waivers to sign and these do not appear in your tasks, go to the Purchasing menu and consult the My Account - Purchases documentation.


Missing Documents

If a document is missing from a member's profile, click on Upload to display the missing document type.

By clicking on the small "i", information about the document type and its requirements will be displayed.

Missing Profile Picture

Note: only for organizations using this option

  • You will be asked to upload a photo for your member profile when registering and creating a new member.

  • The system will not ask for a photo if the profile exists and the photo has not expired.

  • If the profile exists and the photo is approved but expires within the current year, the system will prompt you to add the photo during registration.

  • If you log in to My Account without registering a member and the photo of a member linked to your account is expired or expires within the year, the system will create a To Do task in My Account to have the photo updated.

  • If the photo is rejected by the club or region, the system will create a To Do task in My Account to re-upload the photo.

Completed Tasks

When all your tasks are completed, the To Do menu will display the following message.